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The control centre of your ride - your bike's cockpit affects handling, comfort, fit and performance. Choose from a wide range of sizes and construction options including lightweight composite bars that offer the optimum balance of stiffness and compliance.

Giant Contact SLR Aero Integrated Bar & Stem

399,90 €

Giant Contact SLR Aero Drop Bar

199,90 €

Giant Contact SL DH Riser 800mm Bar

49,90 €

Giant Contact SL Trail Riser Bar

39,90 €

Giant Contact Trail Riser 740mm Bar

24,90 €

Contact SLR Aero Lenker-Vorbau-Einheit

Contact SLR Aero Dropbar

Giant Connect SL Clip-On Clamp

Giant Connect Aero Clip-On Clamp

Giant Connect SL S-Type für Clip-On Clamp

Giant Connect SL U-Type für Clip-On Clamp

Pad Kit

Arm Rest Kit

Contact SLR Trail Riser 750mm

Contact SL Trail Riser 750mm

Contact Trail Riser 740mm

Contact SL DH Riser 800mm