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Gepäckträger / Ständer

If you're planning to ride to work or ride bikepacking adventures - racks increase your luggage carrying capacity at a lower centre of gravity and reduce the need for top heavy backpacks and messenger bags. Time to get fit and explore!

Giant Rack It Rear Rack

44,90 €

Dirt-E+ Gepäckträger


Giant Rack It Front Rack

29,90 €

Mobility Kickstand Rear


Proguard Zip

Rack-It Metro E Gepäckträder

Rack-It Metro E Federklappe

Rack-It Metro E Gepäckträgerbrücke

Anyroad & Fastroad Rack-It Disc

Giant Rack-It Metro

Giant Rack-It Metro

Giant Mobility Kickstand adj.

Direct Mount KSA 18 Seitenständer